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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
REMBRANDT HARMENSZ VAN RIJN, Leyden 1606 – 1669 Amsterdam. Samuel Menasseh ben Israel. Original etching, 1636. This artwork is for sale, priced £4000

RACHEL ANN LE BAS R.E. Born Camberley 1923. Provençal Farmstead. Original etching and aquatint, c1960’s. This artwork is for sale, priced £165



Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

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Works on PaperRecently I exhibited at the annual Works on Paper Fair, February 8 12, at the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogue 60; This, That & the Other


The cover of my Winter catalogue, This, That & the Other in graphic detail, which I am surprised to find is my 60th!

Just click on the miniature front cover illustrated here, or the catalogue title above, and you will be taken directly to the page.


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WALTER RICHARD SICKERT, Munich 1869 – 1942 Bathampton. The Old Bedford. Etching, c1906-10. Sold
PETER ILSTED, Falster 1861 – 1933 Copenhagen. Mother and Child. Colour mezzotint, 1914. This artwork is for sale, priced £2000