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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
  WILLIAM HOGARTH, London 1697  1764 London. The laughing Audience or The pleased Audience. Original etching, 1733
  FREDERICK HALPERN, Born Vienna? 1909. Died in Australia. The Castel Sant’ Angelo, Rome. Original colour soft-ground etching and aquatint, c1930.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee Paper Pleasures Catalogue CoverMy Winter catalogue PAPER PLEASURES is now available.

A small selection of prints from the catalogue ornament this current Home Page. For more details on the dedicated Catalogue page - click on the image of the catalogue cover.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

STEFANO DELLA BELLA, Florence 1610 – 1664 Florence. Procession of the Feast of Corpus Christi. Original etching, c1648


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EVA RENEE NELE, Born Berlin 1932. Figures in a desolate  landscape. Original etching, c1956
BRIAN HOLGATE SOWERBY R.E., Grimsby 1920 – 1993 Norwich. Quince. Original mezzotint.
MORTIMER MENPES, Port Adelaide, Australia 1855 – 1938 Pangbourne, Berks. Dutch Eel Schuyts. Original etching and drypoint, 1889.