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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
  ALBRECHT DÜRER, Nuremberg 1471 – 1528 Nuremberg. The Penitent. Woodcut 1510. This print is for sale.
  FRANZ XAVER WOLF, Vienna 1896 – 1990. Le Palais de Justice, Paris - The Conciergerie. Original colour aquatint, c1929. This print is for sale.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

A warm welcome from Elizabeth harvey-Lee
to both regular and new visitors to this website.

This month’s Home Page is ornamented with further images from my latest catalogue, Innovation; Imitation; Inspiration.

The colour aquatint of Paris is accompanied by a series of proofs and the three zinc plates used to create the full colour image; a remarkable ‘demonstration’ of the process involved. In the published state a total of thirty five colours have been printed from the three plates.

Naturally the London Original Print Fair, at which I would have been exhibiting at the end of April and early May, has been cancelled. Instead, in the coming weeks, I shall aim to add online exhibitions to the website, and hope to produce an extra paper catalogue.

Elizabeth harvey-Lee, Winter Catalogue 2019-2020, Innovation, Imitation, Inspiration

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RAYMOND RAY-JONES R.E., Ashton-under-lyne 1886 – 1942 Carbis Bay. Portrait of the Artist. Etching, c1910-1916. This print is for sale.
CLIFFORD WEBB S.W.E., R.E., London 1895 – 1972 Abinger Hammer? Abinger Hammer. Original wood-engraving, c1935. This print is for sale.