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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
  NORMA BULL, Melbourne 1906 – 1980 Melbourne. Mornington. Original etching, 1932. This print is for sale.
  GRETA DELLEANY A.R.E., Stoke Newington 1884 – 1968 Cheltenham. Summer Pastoral. Original soft-ground etching. This print is for sale.

VELEEN BUCKTON A.R.E., Weycombe, Haslemere 1872 – 1962 Hampstead. Holland – Landscape. Original etching. This print is for sale.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

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The Winter catalogue is in the process of being catalogued and will contain an unusually large proportion of prints by women, which later will become a separate Exhibition. September’s Home page is ornamented with an anticipatory small selection.

London Original Print Fair Online | Elizabeth Harvey-LeeThe London Original Print Fair website continues to host my Viewing Room, along with those of numerous colleagues.

There is also much to explore on my own website – all the past Home Page selections, other selections, and Web Exhibitions.

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CATHERINE MAUD NICHOLS R.E., Norwich 1847 – 1923 Norwich. Tram Centre, Bristol. Original drypoint. This print is for sale.
DOROTHY TROTMAN BORDASS R.E., London 1905 – 1992. Our Postman. Original colour etching with aquatint, 1978.  This print is for sale.
GLADYS REMFRY. Washerwomen. Original aquatint. This print is for sale.