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Day & Night, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeA celebration of
the art of Black & White

Printmaking finds its purest and arguably its finest expression in black ink on white paper. The simile to night and day has been made before. Degas’ projected journal of original prints was to be called La Jour et La Nuit ("Day & Night"). A German graphic periodical published in the early years of the twentieth century was entitled Licht und Schatten ("Light & Shade"). Like these illustrious predecessors I have attempted to put together fine examples of monochrome printmaking.

The catalogue entries celebrate the different qualities inherent in the various print processes and the rich variety of the resulting prints. While striking contrasts are seen between black in densely worked areas and white in unworked areas, there are also a wide variety of half tones revealed in the whole scale of greys between pure black and white. The subtle rich diversity of the different shades of black ink, depending on the admixture of pigment, sometimes leaning towards brown, or to blue or green or grey is complemented by their interaction with the diversity of textures and colours (ranging from white to off-white, cream, ivory and buff or grey) of different papers.

Additionally, wherever possible, I have sort out prints whose subject matter could be interpreted as a particular time of day; another graphic theme with a long ancestry. The catalogue begins with an early 17th century set of engravings of The Four Times of Day – Dawn, Noon, Evening and Night. The prints in the rest of the catalogue are grouped chronologically within appropriate sections subtitled 'Day', 'Daytime Interiors', 'Twilight', 'Night', 'Night-time Interiors'.

Published 1989
52 pages, 172 prints described, 175 b/w illustrations 

(UK Price: £7, International orders: £10)

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Abbey E.A.
  • Addams C.
  • Anderson S.
  • Appian A.
  • Arms J.T.
  • Baertson A.
  • Barye A.
  • Béjot E.
  • Benoist P.
  • Blampied E.
  • Blum T.
  • Bolswert S.A. à
  • Bone M.
  • Bonvin F.
  • Bracquemond F.
  • Brangwyn F.
  • Buhot F.
  • Cameron D.Y.
  • Cameron K.
  • Corot J.B.C.
  • Cowern R.T.
  • Daubigny C.F.
  • Delacroix E.
  • Dethomas M.
  • Dodd F.
  • Drury P.
  • Dujardin K.
  • Dupré J.
  • Dürer A.
  • Dyck F. van
  • Elsheimer A.
  • Ensor J.
  • Fantin-Latour H.
  • Frisius S.W.
  • Garratt A.P.
  • Gibbings R.
  • Gill E.
  • Gheyn J. de
  • Goudt H.
  • Goyen J. van
  • Gwynne-Jones A.
  • Haden F.S.
  • Hollar W.
  • Hondius H.
  • Howarth A.
  • Hunt W.H.
  • Isabey E.
  • Israels J.
  • Janes N.
  • Jode P. de
  • Kerr-Lawson J.
  • Lalanne M.
  • Legrand L.
  • Liebermann M.
  • Lowengrund M.
  • Luce M.
  • Lumsden E.
  • Lund N.M.
  • MacLaughlan D.
  • Martin W.A.
  • Masereel F.
  • Meidner L.
  • Menpes M.
  • Moore T.S.
  • Nash J.
  • Nevinson C.R.W.
  • Oppenheimer M.
  • Orlik E.
  • Orovida (Pissarro)
  • Osborne M.
  • Palmer S.
  • Panderen E. van
  • Park J.
  • Pencz G.
  • Peters R.C.
  • Pott C.M.
  • Raffé W.G.
  • Ranft R.
  • Raverat G.
  • Rayner H.
  • Renouard P.
  • Robert H.
  • Robertson P.
  • Rodo L. (Pissarro)
  • Rothenstein W.
  • Roussel K.X.
  • Rushbury H.
  • Schmutzer F.
  • Short F.
  • Smart D.I.
  • Smith P.W.
  • Solis V.
  • Steer P.W.
  • Steinlen T.A.
  • Sterl R.
  • Spare A.O. (Not Stuck F.von)
  • Taylor C.W.
  • Turnbull A.W.
  • Unold M.
  • Ury L.
  • Vahrenhorst P.
  • Verhaecht T.
  • Vivant-Denon D.
  • Vliet J. van
  • Volkmar C.
  • Way T.R.
  • Webster H.A.
  • Whistler J.M.
  • Wolff H.
  • Wright J.
  • Zeeman R. (Nooms)
  • Zeising W.

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