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Work & Play, Elizabeth Harvey-LeePrinted images of labour and leisure, 16th to 20th centuries by European, British & American artists working in Europe

The complementary spheres of work and play encompass all of mankind’s waking day.

Disraeli wrote “ Increased means and increased leisure are the two civilizers of man ”.

Dr Johnson opined that “ All intellectual improvement arises from leisure ”.

While Cicero commented “Iuncundi acti labores” (“Completed labours are pleasant”).

Commensurately should one expect to find artists producing more printed images of leisure than labour ?

On the ‘work’ front this catalogue includes prints of both labour and the professions - miners, farmers and agricultural workers, fishermen, factories, navvies, construction and demolition, house removal, coopers, breweries, street traders, a mistletoe seller, laundrywork, domestic household chores, a clock mender, a violin maker, lawyers, a school pupil, a surveyor.

Work & Play | Elizabeth harvey-LeeSome images come into both categories, for one person’s work is providing another’s relaxation or entertainment – as in musicians, dancers, circus performers, bullfighters, a chef, a lacemaker, and customs officials.

‘Pure’ leisure is recorded in prints of the seaside, parks , cafés, music at home and in public concerts, theatre, chess, bowls, pub table-skittles, village cricket, art exhibitions, boating, angling, badminton, gardening and pleasure taken in the delights of nature.

Published 1997
44 pages, 146 items described and illustrated in black & white.

(UK Price: £7,
International orders: £10)




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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Abbé S van
  • Anderson S
  • Beaufrère A
  • Beham S
  • Bell R A
  • Blampied E
  • Bol H
  • Bonsey H
  • Bormann E
  • Bostock J
  • Bradfield N
  • Brangwyn F
  • Briscoe A
  • Brouet A
  • Buckton E
  • Burridge F
  • Cameron D Y
  • Chamberlain S
  • Chandler G W
  • Clausen G
  • Collaert A
  • Colley W F
  • Collins W
  • Copley J
  • Cotman M E
  • Dallas A Chassar
  • Drebbel C J
  • Dusart C
  • Fairclough W
  • Freeman A
  • Freeth H A
  • Gabain E
  • Gerritsz H
  • Gill E
  • Gillett F
  • Goaman D
  • Goltzius H
  • Grant G
  • Greengrass W
  • Hallo C
  • Hartrick A S
  • Hasse S
  • Hoberg R
  • Hoffman J D
  • Holt G
  • Huard C
  • Hutton C
  • Israels J
  • Jackson F E
  • Jennings E O
  • Jode P de
  • Jones H
  • Kirkpatrick E
  • Lambert E
  • Landseer T
  • Lee S
  • Lee-Hankey W
  • Leighton C
  • Lumsden E S
  • Mander C van
  • Matham J
  • McNab A
  • Millard P Ferguson
  • Millet J B
  • Millet J F
  • Nash J
  • Neumann E
  • Nicholson B E
  • Nixon J
  • Osborne M
  • Ostade A van
  • Passe C van de
  • Passe M van de
  • Paterson V
  • Pettinelli D
  • Picasso P
  • Pimlott P
  • Power C E
  • Prust E
  • Pryse G Spencer
  • Raverat G
  • Reeve R
  • Rickly J Beard
  • Rosenberg L
  • Ryckemans C
  • Sadeler E
  • Sadeler J
  • Sandby P
  • Say W
  • Sayer H
  • Schenau J R
  • Schmidt G F
  • Schmutzer F
  • Schut C
  • Sealy C
  • Segonzac A Dunoyer de
  • Serwouters P
  • Short F
  • Smith P
  • Sparks N
  • Stephanus P
  • Strang W
  • Taylor C W
  • Thomas M F
  • Tiepolo G D
  • Townsend S Thompson
  • Turner J M W
  • Tute G
  • Unwin F S
  • Vinckboons D
  • Vos M de
  • Ward L
  • Washington W
  • Weirotter F E
  • Whistler J M
  • White C
  • Whydale E H
  • Wille J G
  • Wiseman J H

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