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Unsung Heroes, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeA selection of images, 16th – 20th centuries, by Neglected, Forgotten, Anonymous or Underrated Printmakers

Printmaking itself is the Cinderella of the arts; even some of its greatest exponents are little known to the general art-loving public.

Cycles of taste temporarily bring one school or style into the limelight and force another into the shade. At the close of the 20th century, when we are already into the Post-Modern era, time has distanced and historical perspective made accessible and sort-after the more extreme and colourful Modernist styles. Thus eclipsing (though not totally) the more traditional draughtsmanship-based black and white graphic art that dominated the market through the Etching Boom of the 1920’s.

Amidst its rich diversity, discovery of the minor masters of printmaking is exciting and fun. Considering that multiplicity is inherent by nature of the medium, it is remarkable how often one finds prints that are unfamiliar. This is particularly true of the 20th century when the spread of art schools and availability of art training hugely increased the numbers of printmakers and the Etching Boom encouraged all sorts of artists to take up etching. The subsequent Crash obliterated many from memory and discouraged documentation.

Unsung heroes, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeAfter the War printmaking, and in particular etching, was slow to re-establish itself in the popular imagination and for decades did not receive the attention with which it had been lavished in the 1920's and '30’s.

But fine qualities of draughtsmanship and design, expressing an individual artist’s particular vision, will continue to appeal despite the temporary vagaries of fashion, whether the artist’s name is well known or not.

Published 1999
56 pages, 204 items described and illustrated in black & white.

(UK Price: £7, International orders: £10)


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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Bauer M
  • Béjot E
  • Beurdeley J
  • Biard P
  • Blackburn C
  • Bormann E
  • Brown D
  • Camaro A
  • Cherry A
  • Coney J
  • Cotman J S
  • Cuitt G
  • Daum J
  • Daumier H
  • Delâtre E
  • East A
  • Ehrlich G
  • Fozard R
  • Francis E
  • Galanis D
  • Guthrie J J
  • Haden F S
  • Hagreen P
  • Halliday G D
  • Hamilton J McLure
  • Harbutt W
  • Hardie M
  • Heintzelmann A
  • Herkomer H von
  • Hermes G
  • Houbraken A
  • Howarth A
  • Israels J
  • Kempster W
  • Kermode W
  • Kobell F
  • Komjati J
  • Küsell M
  • Laborde C
  • Lambert P D
  • Lee S
  • Lindsay L
  • Lolek S
  • Lowe J M
  • Lucas van Leyden
  • Makoveeva I
  • Maris R
  • Menpes M
  • Michietti P
  • Mohr A
  • Moore T Sturge
  • Morgenstern J F
  • Muyden E van
  • Muyden H van
  • Nečas G F
  • Odefey E
  • Osborne J T A
  • Pitman T B
  • Prunaire A
  • Pryse G Spencer
  • Rode B
  • Saenredam J
  • Schlossbauer F
  • Schmutzer F
  • Seewald R
  • Shannon C H
  • Shepperson C A
  • Short F
  • Smart D I
  • Smith P
  • Sparks N
  • Spear R
  • Spensley T
  • Spies O
  • Strang W
  • Unwin F S
  • Verpilleux E A
  • Weirotter F E
  • Wolfsfeld E
  • Zorin I

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