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Paper Touched with Magic, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeTony de Navarro wrote to the etcher Frederick L Griggs in 1925, when he had seen a study for ‘The Almonry’ You are a magician Fred. The artist, like the magician, by skilful sleight of hand, creates something from nothing. The conjurer draws a rabbit out of an empty hat; the artist draws a few lines on a blank sheet of paper and also ‘produces’ a rabbit. The conjuror’s illusion is hiding the rabbit in the first place; the figurative draughtsman’s in creating in two dimensions the effect of three dimension, in translating a living, breathing animal into a drawing that convinces the viewer. Equally linear perspective is a ‘trick’ system of drawing which gives the illusion of architectural spatial recession . But there is more to art than skill and it is the extra dimension of the spark of communication between imagination and understanding that the real magic lies, an analogy perhaps closer to the sorcerer conjuring forth spirits.

In the special case of printmaking, as in no other medium, the artist must further juggle with a matrix on which he is working in reverse. Though he is rewarded by ultimately being able to replicate images which though multiples are, each one, an original work of art.

Paper Touched with Magic, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeIn the introduction to the catalogue raisonné of his prints Richard Hamilton articulately expresses the magic an artist finds in the process of printmaking.
Printmaking is a fascinating activity. Part of its attraction is that it can be done at all. In this cloning of an authentic, authoritative, individual yet repeatable mark there is a kind of sorcery.

The small collection of prints offered in this catalogue also reveals the sympathetic magic between form and content. In some the subject is immediately appealing and further enhanced by the artist’s means of expressing it. Very occasionally the theme itself is perhaps even distasteful but none-the-less the underlying abstract form and composition or the quality of line and execution, intriguingly have an irrespective power to please.

Published 2001.
56 pages, 103 items described and illustrated in black and white.

(UK Price: £7, International orders: £10)

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Acroyd N
  • Appian A
  • Austin F
  • Austin R
  • Beham S
  • Bella S della
  • Blake W
  • Bloemaert A & C
  • Bol H
  • Bosse A
  • Both J
  • Boys T S
  • Brangwyn F
  • Brueghel P
  • Bruggen J van der
  • Callot J
  • Calvert E
  • Cameron D Y
  • Castiglione G B
  • Colquhoun R
  • Collaert A
  • Cranach L
  • Cruikshank G
  • Delamotte W
  • Dente da Ravenna M
  • Dodd F
  • Dürer A
  • Dusart C
  • Dyck A van
  • Frélaut J
  • Frommel C L
  • Gill E
  • Grimm L E
  • Grosz G
  • Heintzelman A W
  • Hollar W
  • Hondius H
  • Jacquemin A
  • Janinet J F
  • John A
  • Jones D
  • Lavieille A
  • Lee-Hankey W
  • Legrand L
  • Legros A
  • Leighton C
  • Liebermann M
  • Lievens J
  • Lindsay L
  • Liss J
  • Lozowick L
  • Lucas van Leyden
  • Negker J de
  • Nicholson W
  • Ossenbeck J van
  • Pain C
  • Pissarro C
  • Raimondi M
  • Raverat G
  • Rayner H
  • Reiser D
  • Rembrandt
  • Richmond T K
  • Schmutzer F
  • Seaby A W
  • Shannon C H
  • Spilsbury E A
  • Steinlen T A
  • Stubbs G
  • Tanner R
  • Taylor C WE
  • Turbayne A A
  • Urushibara J
  • Voet A
  • Vorsterman L
  • Whistler J M
  • Zorn A

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