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The Passion for Prints, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeThis passion for prints is a quotation translated from a fuller observation by Florent le Comte in his book ‘Cabinet des Singularitez’, 1699, on the contemporary enthusiasm among collectors for prints. It was brought to my mind as a title for this Winter catalogue when I found that this collection of new acquisitions would contain not only a number of images whose subject is people enjoying looking at prints, but also a number of portraits of print scholars by William Strang, most notably that of Campbell Dodgson, Keeper of Prints at the British Museum in the early decades of the 20th century. As also a small group commissioned by Parisian printdealers Edmond Sagot and Henri Petiet to advertise their galleries.

The usual wide range of artists on this occasion includes such passionately committed printmakers as Dürer, Callot, Rembrandt, Canaletto, Piranesi, Palmer, Meryon, Ensor, Strang, Short, Bone, Blampied, Austin, the young Sutherland, and Laboureur. The last represented both by impressions of two of his engravings and one of his actual copper plates.

The Passion for Prints, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeThere is a small group of rare ‘vorticist’ woodcuts by Wadsworth as well as the unique impression of one of his two etched plates. Brangwyn who was “blasted ” by the Vorticists is represented by two typically very large etchings and Henry Newbold, whom the Vorticists blessed is the subject of another etching by Strang.

Other portraits include a young man, as yet unidentified, reading 'Blast' (the manifesto magazine of the Vorticists); writers Victor Hugo (by Rodin) and Siegried Sasoon, conductor Artur Nikisch and composer Hugo Wolf.

An interesting group of colour prints includes works by J B Jackson, Auguste Brouet, Maurice Delcourt, Mabel Royds and Helen Hyde.

Published 2002
64 pages, 129 items described and illustrated in black & white, with four in colour on the cover.

(UK Price: £7, International orders: £10)

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Aldegrever H
  • Austin R
  • Badmin S
  • Bauer K
  • Bauer M
  • Belleroche A
  • Blampied E
  • Bloemaert A
  • Bol H
  • Bone M
  • Boreel W
  • Bostock J
  • Bracquemond F
  • Brangwyn F
  • Brouet A
  • Brown
  • Bussy S
  • Cain O
  • Callot J
  • Canaletto A
  • Clarke J
  • Collaert A
  • Corinth L
  • Delcourt M
  • Dodd F
  • Dürer A
  • Elsheimer A
  • Ensor J
  • Fairclough W
  • Fingesten M
  • Flameng L
  • Frélaut J
  • Gachet P
  • Géricault T
  • Gervis R
  • Goudt H
  • Greiner O
  • Gromaire M
  • Haig A H
  • Halm P
  • Heckel E
  • Hollar W
  • Huet P
  • Hyde H
  • Isabey E
  • Jackson J B
  • Laboureur E
  • Lee-Hankey W
  • Legrand L
  • Lock A
  • Lopata V
  • Lunois A
  • Meryon C
  • Millet J F
  • Mohr A
  • Oppler E
  • Palmer G
  • Palmer S
  • Peeters G
  • Peter R C
  • Piranesi G B
  • Platt J
  • Poole M
  • Rayner H
  • Rembrandt
  • Robinson S
  • Rodin A
  • Roussel T
  • Royds M A
  • Ryssel P van
  • Saftleven H
  • Saftleven C
  • Sattler J
  • Short F
  • Smith E
  • Spackman C S
  • Strang W
  • Stürmer W
  • Sullivan E J
  • Sutherland G
  • Taquoy M C L
  • Tiepolo G B
  • Titian
  • Tunnicliffe C F
  • Turner J M W
  • Tytgat E
  • Vaes W
  • Wadsworth E
  • Wehl O
  • Weissenborn H
  • Whistler J M

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