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The Romantic EyeThough the actual term ‘romantic’ was not used in its present day connotation until the end of the 18th century and the development of the Romantic Movement, artists both before and after that specific time frame have shared a similar intensity of feeling and sensibility towards Nature, their emotions and imaginations equally stirred by myth and legend and ‘oriental’ trappings. An erstwhile romanticism, as a later neo-romanticism, is revealed in an artist’s choice of theme and attitude to his subject.

The prints offered in this catalogue range in their production from the 17th to the 21st centuries. In nationality the artists are American, Australian, Austrian, British, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Swiss and an anonymous Japanese.

The catalogue is ordered by theme.

The picturesque remains of fragmented Roman antiquity, their counterparts in gothic ruins in England, both expressions of the poignant passing of time, of lost glories and a related feeling of melancholy.

The Romantic Eye, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeOld European cities dominated by the still functioning gothic architecture of cathedral and palace.

Images of an urban industrial heritage. London and the waterway of the Thames, when still a working river, busy with ships and barges and the trade of Empire.

The inspiration of music, poetry, dreams and memory.


Even a cat.

Above all, landscape. The beauty and drama of wild nature, trees; the inherent nostalgia of the disappearing pastoral landscape; landscapes with lovers.

Many of the prints are concerned with tonality, abounding in rich and juicy blacks, contrasted with white and complemented by a range of silvery greys.

Throughout a unifying underlying theme of light. Sunlight yes, and sun on water. Most expressively, twilight, moonlight, lamplight.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is romance.

Published summer 2010
52 pages, 107 items, with 96 illustrated in black and white and 11 in colour.

(UK Price: £10, International orders: £15)

Prints still available
Selection(s) (ultimately four selections) of prints still available from The Romantic Eye can be seen in the Selections section of the website.

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Banks H
  • Bléry E
  • Boissieu J J de
  • Bone M
  • Bronchorst J G van
  • Bruycker J de
  • Buhot F
  • Busse G H
  • Cameron D Y
  • Carpanini D
  • Castiglione G B
  • Coney J
  • Constable J
  • Cope C W
  • Cotman J S
  • Cowern R T
  • Detmold E J
  • Dolby J T
  • Dorner J J
  • Dupré J
  • Fantin-Latour H
  • Figura H
  • Flax Z
  • Frisius S W
  • Fürstová M
  • Gaskell G P
  • Gerrits H
  • Gessner S
  • Gorlato B
  • Griggs F L
  • Haden F S
  • Hartley A
  • Hayter G
  • Hoyton E Bouverie
  • Ilsted P
  • Japanese Poem Slip
  • Lee-Hankey W
  • Legros A
  • Lewis M
  • Ligozzi J
  • Lucas D
  • Marriott E
  • Martyn E K
  • McBurnie R
  • Menpes M
  • Mortimer J H
  • Nathe C
  • Nevinson C R W
  • Osborne M
  • Patterson E L
  • Piranesi G B
  • Renton M
  • Rohlfs C
  • Rosenberg L C
  • Ruisdael J van
  • Rushbury H
  • Sadeler A
  • Schmutzer F
  • Seifert D
  • Short F
  • Sickert W
  • Smith R Shirley
  • Squirrell L R
  • Sutherland G
  • Tanner R
  • Todd R M
  • Tunnicliffe C F
  • Turner J M W
  • Vinckboons D
  • Vogeler H
  • Wells W F
  • Wyllie W L

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