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Catalogue 50 from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee | Print DealerNearly half of the items in this catalogue, my fiftieth I am surprised to find, come from a single private collection formed over thirty to forty years ago. Many of the prints were bought at Craddock & Barnard in Museum Street, London, others from Parisian dealers such as Michel. Lovely old firms, whose founding principals are now long deceased.

These prints reflect not only the personal taste of the individual collector but the general collecting interests and tendencies of the period. They include classic examples of old master and modern prints.

There is a particular emphasis on works by those whose primary expression was as graphic artists, such as Goltzius, Callot, Hollar, Jean Morin, and Piranesi, and from a later era, Meryon. Examples too of other French 19th century ‘etching revivalists’ and ‘English’ associates, such as Whistler, Legros and Haden; of ‘French Impressionists’, Manet, Renoir, Jongkind; as of McBey and others working in the British ‘Etching Boom’ years.

Catalogue 50 from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee | Print DealerThere are interesting obscurities too.

The rest of the catalogue has been chosen to complement this ‘core’ – some more of the same, supplemented by British artists’ etchings and aquatints from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and English and French lithographs from the same period. Also by contrast small groups of wood engravings, some wood and linocuts, and ending in a general splash of colour.

Published Winter 2011
52 pages, 124 illustrations, 26 being in colour.

(UK Price: £12, International orders: £15)

Prints still available
A selection of prints from this catalogue is still available and will be added shortly within the Selections section of the website.



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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Bayley M E
  • Beggarstaff Brothers
  • Beham B
  • Beham S
  • Black R
  • Bonington R P
  • Boys T S
  • Bracquemond F
  • Brangwyn F
  • Brockhurst G L
  • Brun F
  • Callot J
  • Claude
  • Corinth L
  • Dallas A C
  • Daubigny C F
  • Dente M, da Ravenna
  • Doll F
  • Durig R
  • Exley J R G
  • Fitton H
  • Goltzius H
  • Haden F S
  • Hermes G
  • Hollar W
  • Hoyton E B
  • Isabey E
  • Jones S R
  • Jowett K
  • Jongkind J B
  • Kollwitz K
  • Lap E
  • Legros A
  • Lepère A
  • Lewin A
  • Leyden L van
  • Lindsley K M
  • Lorrain C Gellée le
  • Lucas van Leyden
  • Macleod W D
  • Manet E
  • Massys C
  • McBey J
  • Meryon C
  • Morin J
  • Munn P S
  • Nash P
  • Nicholson W
  • Piranesi G B
  • Pissarro L
  • Prentice J
  • Pryde J
  • Rajon P
  • Raphael
  • Raverat G
  • Renoir P A
  • Roussel T
  • Sandby P
  • Seaby A W
  • Short F
  • Small T
  • Stanley J
  • Tattershall H
  • Tiepolo G B
  • Tonks M D B
  • Tunnicliffe C F
  • Uden L van
  • Urushibara J
  • Valadon S
  • Vliet J van
  • Wade N
  • Walcot W
  • Ward L M
  • Watson C 5
  • Way T R
  • Wheatley F
  • Whistler J McN
  • Wolgemut M
  • Yoshida T

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