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Town & Country, Catalogue 51 from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee | Print DealerWe all live either in the town or the country, and naturally respond to these correspondingly all-embracing themes, which lend themselves to a serendipitous selection, such as is offered here.

Subjects drawn from either the urban or the rural environment particularly appealed to the artists of the Etching Revival and the Etching Boom years, whose images predominate in this catalogue.

Picturesque urban street corners, shops, café life, commercial activity, industry, construction, streets thronged with pedestrians and horse-drawn carts, are all represented here, as are topographical and architectural views in London, Paris, St Petersburg, and Venice among other towns. Venice above all has drawn artists, exemplified here by a nice group by McBey, as well as individual prints by Graham Clilverd, Albany Howarth, Sydney Lee, Sydney Mackenzie Litten, Fred Richards, and Ernest David Roth. The continuing tradition is witnessed in the literally colourful etchings of the contemporary Brian Denyer-Baker.

The majority of the prints of street views show little if any motorised traffic, paralleling the rural subjects, several of which particularly celebrate the working horse.

Among the British artists associated with recording the ‘disappearing’ pre-mechanised agricultural scene of the between the Wars period, George Soper, Ernest Herbert Whydale, Charles Tunnicliffe and Stanley Anderson are all represented with fine prints of horses.

The interesting small group by Tunnicliffe also includes less familiar images of his parents attending to cows on their Cheshire farm. Cattle figure in quite a variety of images by other artists as varied as Nicholaes Berchem, Camille Pissarro and Claughton Pellew.

Town & Country, Catalogue 51 from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee | Print DealerWhile Stanley Anderson’s engravings preserve the memory of Oxfordshire and Buckingham craftsmen and the tools they used, Charles Chaplin in his engraving of the Fiddle Bow Seed Caster at a farm in Middlesex details a large number of grasses and meadow flowers as well as several cereals of which the seeds were no longer used by the 1940’s.

In France in the early decades of the 20th century a small group revived the long disused technique of chiaroscuro woodcut, producing some powerful rural images. The catalogue includes works in the medium by Jacques Beltrand, Jacques le Chevalier and Paul Emile Colin.

Though there are prints by the old master Claude Lorrain, the French Barbizon painter Jean François Millet, Whistler and the Pre-Raphaelite John Everett Millais, this catalogue abounds with the work of lesser-known artists, in some delightful and varied motifs.
These include a semi-abstract figure study in wood engraving by the Hungarian/Jugoslav Zlatko Prica and a woodcut of railway lines and signals by Polish Stefania Dretler-Flin.

I am also pleased to introduce in this catalogue the airy landscapes of Reinder Homan, a contemporary Dutch etcher.

Published Summer 2012
64 pages, 181 illustrations, 26 being in colour.

(UK Price: £15, International orders: £20)

Prints still available
Prints from this catalogue are still available and in due course will be featured within the Selections section of the website.

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Anderson S
  • Austen W
  • Austin R
  • Barry J
  • Bauer M
  • Becker H
  • Beltrand J
  • Berchem N
  • Bingham T
  • Blaker M
  • Blieck M E
  • Bonington R P
  • Both J
  • Boulton D
  • Brangwyn F
  • British School
  • Brouet A
  • Buckton E
  • Burra E J
  • Burke P
  • Cameron D Y
  • Chaplin C
  • Chevalier J le
  • Clarke J
  • Clarke R L
  • Claude
  • Clausen G
  • Clilverd G
  • Colin P E
  • Cootwycz J
  • Crome J
  • Dalby C
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Dretler-Flin S
  • Droege O
  • Fairclough W
  • Frélaut J
  • Frisius S
  • Gascoyne G
  • Hecht J
  • Harris L G
  • Heyman C
  • Hirst N
  • Hollar W
  • Holmes K
  • Homan R
  • Howard G
  • Howarth A
  • Keesey W M
  • Kirkpatrick J
  • Laboureur J E
  • Langmaid R
  • Le Chevalier J
  • Lee S
  • Lee-Hankey W
  • Leighton C
  • Leslie R
  • Litten S M
  • Lorrain C
  • Lowe A
  • Malet G
  • McBey J
  • Millais J E
  • Millet J F
  • Moeri M
  • Myall D
  • Neumann H
  • Orovida
  • Paterson E L
  • Pellew C
  • Pissarro C
  • Pissarro O
  • Poole M
  • Pott C
  • Potter P
  • Power C
  • Prica Z
  • Raverat G
  • Rayner H
  • Rice B
  • Richards F
  • Robertson P
  • Robins W P
  • Rose G H
  • Rosenberg L C
  • Roth E D
  • Rowntree K
  • Russian School
  • Sadeler A
  • Short F
  • Smart D I
  • Smith E
  • Soper G
  • Stone R
  • Stretti V
  • Thomas P
  • Tilleard R
  • Toovey R
  • Tunnicliffe C F
  • Unwin F S
  • Ury L
  • Wade N
  • Walcot W
  • Watson C
  • Webb J
  • Wesselman F
  • Whistler J McN
  • White B
  • White E
  • Whydale E H
  • Wilson S R
  • Wobst F

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