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The Oxford English Dictionary defines Serendipity as follows.

Formed by Horace Walpole after the title of a fairytale, Three Princes of Sarendip, the heroes of which ‘were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’;
the making of happy and unexpected discoveries by accident or when looking for something else;
such a discovery;
loosely - good luck, good fortune.

This catalogue offers a selection of prints several of which, in the course of research, turned up interesting points or connections, several of them found as a result of Googling on the internet.

Walter Greaves: Lime Wharf. Original etching
Walter Greaves: Lime Wharf. Original etching

I was fascinated, for example, to discover that Walter Greaves’ father was boatman on the Thames to J M W Turner, so that in rowing Whistler Walter was following in a family tradition.

Otherwise it is the ‘usual’ winter miscellany, including some fine portraits of artists; some nice landscapes, from early Daubigny to outstanding Pissarro, who again ornaments the front cover; and ‘British’ printmakers chronologically from Cotman through to Denyer-Baker and alphabetically from Anderson to Whistler.

In sum, some old friends, some regular acquaintances and some new discoveries, and ending in a splash of colour.

Ethel Kirkpatrick: Sunset. Original colour woodcut, c.1905
Ethel Kirkpatrick: Sunset. Original colour woodcut, c.1905

Published Winter 2014.
Quarto paperback, 52 pages, 98 illustrations, 10 in colour. Details of 86 items.

(Price U.K. £12; International orders £16)

Images from the catalogue are shown elsewhere on the website in the concurrent Home Page Selection.

Prints available
Prints from this catalogue are still available.

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Serendipity. Winter Catalogue from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, 2014-15

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Anderson S
  • Angus S
  • Blampied E
  • Bléry E S A
  • Boldini G
  • Burridge F
  • Cameron D Y
  • Cope C
  • Cotman J S
  • Cowern R T
  • Creswick T
  • Daubigny C F
  • Delleany G
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Dodd R
  • Dürer A
  • Fry R
  • Gilbert R J
  • Greaves W
  • Greenwood T
  • Hardey S
  • Henderson E
  • Herkomer H von
  • Hollar W
  • Holloway E
  • Horseley J C
  • Hughes M K
  • John A
  • Kirkpatrick E
  • Knight L
  • Lewis A J
  • Litten S M
  • Lozowick L
  • Lund N M
  • Melle
  • Menpes M
  • Osborne M
  • Piranesi G B
  • Pissarro C
  • Rabin S
  • Rouault G
  • Short F
  • Scullard S
  • Simpson J
  • Sparks N
  • Squirrel L
  • Strang W
  • Tanner R
  • Taylor C W
  • Tute G
  • Ward L M
  • Walcot W
  • Webb C
  • Wierix H
  • Whistler J M
  • Wyllie W L


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