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Thinking up appropriate titles for new catalogues is getting to be a challenge.

The fact of having quite a number of nice old master prints as well as a broad spread of both Continental and British modern prints for this catalogue suggested this play on the title of the C of E hymnal.

The catalogue includes some interesting items and some rarities.

While cataloguing the prints I have enjoyed noticing correlations between the old and new prints.

Etching is such a fluid medium for artist’s prints and details from a 17th century work can be almost indistinguishable from those of the 20th century.

This catalogue selection by chance has modern examples of revived earlier techniques, which had been in temporary abeyance, such as line engraving and mezzotint, so that similarities again become obvious; as also in some themes, in particular landscape, animals and portraiture, are timeless subjects that have interested artists across the centuries.

A few comparative details are shown below, from prints by

Martin Schongauer (Detail of an iris from St Christopher)
Guiseppe Maria Morelli (Detail of a vase of foliage from Sybil looking at a tablet)

Thomas Bewick (A dog walking from The abandoned crutch)
Lucas Cranach (A dog curled up from Christ before Caiaphas)
George Clausen (A hen from Dressing Wheat)
Charles Sidney Cheston (Group of hens from Across the Marshes, Sedgemoor)

Albrecht Dürer (Horse’s head with oak leaves from St George on Horseback)
Stanley Anderson (Horse feeding from Three good friends)
Wenzel Hollar (Two figures from the back walking from Towards Antwerp)
Henry Rushbury (Two figures in conversation from Château Gaillard)

Reinder Homan (Detail from A colony of rooks) [topmost image]
Jan Both (Detail of flying birds from The Ferry on the Tiber) [lowest image]

Dirk Vellert (Christ calling the Disciples Peter & Andrew)
Raphael Sadeler I (Allegory of Transitoriness)
Charles Sidney Cheston (Broken Barn, Burford)

Pieter van Schuppen (Joachin de Seiglères)
Raphael Sadeler I (Allegory of Transitoriness)
Ferdinand Schmutzer (Joseph Kainz as Hamlet)
Erich Wolfsfeld (Professor Gerhards, sculptor)

Guido Reni (Madonna & Child with St Joseph in the background)
Clare Leighton (Ellen at the Cradle)

Published November 2018.
Quarto paperback; 72 pages, 142 items offered for sale, all illustrated
(Price U. K. £12; Overseas £20)

Prints available
Prints from this catalogue are still available.

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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Prints Ancient & Modern, Catalogue #64

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Aldegrever H
  • Anderson S
  • Arms J Taylor
  • Austin R S
  • Bewick T
  • Both J
  • Brown H J S
  • Cain C W
  • Cameron D Y
  • Carpi U da
  • Cheston C S
  • Clausen G
  • Clarke J
  • Constable J
  • Coriolano B
  • Corinth L
  • Cowern R T
  • Cranach L
  • Daniel H W
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Dürer A
  • Dyck A van
  • Emanuel F
  • Fairclough W
  • Fantin-Latour I H J
  • Flax Z
  • Freeth P
  • Gethin P F
  • Glanville H M T
  • Goudt H
  • Goya F
  • Gray J
  • Gross A
  • Hall O
  • Hartley A
  • Henderson E M
  • Hollar W
  • Homan R
  • Hoyton E B
  • Ilsted P
  • Jameson S
  • Knight L
  • Ladstätter H
  • Laage W
  • Leighton C
  • Lucas D
  • Lumsden E S
  • Macleod W D
  • Menpes M
  • Moretti G M
  • Murakami G
  • Nash J
  • Paton H
  • Piranesi G B
  • Pissarro C
  • Pissarro L
  • Raphael
  • Raverat G
  • Rembrandt
  • Reni G
  • Robbe M
  • Robins W P
  • Rushbury H
  • Sadeler J
  • Sadeler R
  • Schongauer M
  • Schuppen Pieter van
  • Schmutzer F
  • Squirrel L S
  • Stretti-Zamponi J
  • Thiemann C
  • Toulouse-Lautrec H de
  • Velde J van de
  • Vellert D
  • Vos M de
  • Whistler J M
  • Wierix J
  • Wolfsfeld E

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