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This catalogue gets its title from the fact that most of the prints in it are selected from existing stock, though there are also some new prints to ‘season’ and enrich.

It is very wide ranging in content, with Old Masters and 18th century through to 21st century British & Continental works, as well as the occasional item by American and Japanese artists.

The earliest print dates from 1489, on a page from an early book, the Mirror of Human Salvation, produced in Augsburg.

PETER BERGER, Active Augsburg c1486-89. The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. Text and hand-coloured woodcut 1489. This print is for sale, priced £800

Printer Peter Berger: The Miracle of the loaves & fishes.
Hand-coloured woodcut within the text

The most recent item is by the Italian etcher, recently elected to the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, Bruno Gorlato, who works in his native Padua.

BRUNO GORLATO, born Padua 1940. Study for I Custodi del Tempo. Original etching, 2018. This print is for sale, priced £150

Bruno Gorlato : Study for I Custodi del Tempo
Ooriginal etching, artist’s proof, 2018

18th century examples include:

Carlo Lasinio (1739-1838): Self-portrait of Guido Reni,

Carlo Lasinio (1739-1838): Self-portrait of Guido Reni,
from the Uffizi ‘corridor’ gallery of artists’ self-portraits, four-colour mezzotint


John Eleazor Schenau: Die beiden Mädchen mit Katz und Hund.

John Eleazor Schenau: Die beiden Mädchen mit Katz und Hund.
Original etching 1792

Several of the ‘classic’ Modern British etchers are represented: D Y Cameron; Muirhead Bone; Gerald Leslie Brockhurst.

Gerald Lesie Brockhurst: Mélisande.

Gerald Lesie Brockhurst: Mélisande.
Original etching, 1920, edition of 55

as well as some names new to me, such as the German Willi Wintermann

Willi Wintermann: Industrial Railway.

Willi Wintermann: Industrial Railway.
Ooriginal etching and drypoint

and the British Grosvenor School trained Suzanne Cooper

Suzanne Cooper: The Falcon, Uppingham.

Suzanne Cooper: The Falcon, Uppingham.
Ooriginal wood engraving, c1935-39, in a recently printed edition of 45

Among international ‘moderns’ are Pierre Soulages and Man Ray.

Man Ray: L’Invasion de l’Espace.

Man Ray: L’Invasion de l’Espace.
Original lithograph 1974, issued in XXme Siècle

Published June 2019.
Quarto paperback; 60 pages, 132 items offered for sale, all illustrated
(Price U. K. £12; Overseas £20)

Prints available
Prints from this catalogue are still available.

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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Prints Second Sight, Catalogue #65

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Abbé S van
  • Amman J
  • Austen W
  • Austin R
  • Bamberger G
  • Baudous R de
  • Berger P
  • Blampied E
  • Bolingbroke M
  • Bone M
  • Brockhurst G L
  • Brouet A
  • Callot J
  • Cameron D Y
  • Carracci Ag
  • Carracci An
  • Chadell J
  • Clausen G
  • Coney J
  • Cooper S
  • Cotman J S
  • Cuitt G
  • Daumier H
  • Delcourt M
  • Dodd F
  • Evershed A
  • Flint W R
  • Forain J L
  • Foujita T
  • Frisius S
  • Frost T
  • Fyt J
  • Gabain E
  • Ghisi G
  • Gibbings R
  • Goeneutte N
  • Gorlato B
  • Grosz G
  • Hall E Clarke
  • Hamilton I A
  • Harrison H W
  • Hasegawa K
  • Hayter S W
  • Hondius H
  • Hughes-Stanton B
  • Jenkins P
  • Komjáti J
  • Lalanne M
  • Lasinio C
  • Lee S
  • Legrand L
  • Legros A
  • Lucas C
  • Macbeth-Raeburn H R
  • Macleod W D
  • Maillol A
  • Man Ray
  • Master of the Die
  • McBey J
  • Mead R F
  • Meagher J T
  • Munn P S
  • Murray C
  • Necas E J
  • Orovida
  • Palmer S
  • Patterson E L R
  • Patterson G M
  • Pearsall R M S
  • Pencz G
  • Philipp M E
  • Pollak M
  • Pott C
  • Ray M
  • Reni G
  • Ricci M
  • Richards C
  • Richards F
  • Ridley M W
  • Roussel T
  • Rushbury H
  • Sandby P
  • Schaffer H
  • Schenau J E
  • Seguin A
  • Smee S
  • Soulages P
  • Spilsbury E A
  • s’Gravensande C S van
  • Stretti-Zamponi J
  • Stuart G
  • Toovey R
  • Tournour M
  • Tunnicliffe C F
  • Tushingham H
  • Unwin F S
  • Villon J
  • Vliet J van der
  • Walcot W
  • Watson C
  • Whydale E H
  • Wintermann W

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