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Robin Tanner A.R.E.   
Bristol 1904 - 1988 Kington Langley, Wiltshire

Robin Tanner | The Road Mender | Etching | Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

The Road Maker (ii)
Garton 6 iii/iv
99 x 149 mm

Etching, 1928. First published state, issued in 1928. Signed in pencil, dated and numbered XXXIX of the edition of 50. (There were subsequent editions from the reworked plate - of 50 in 1974 and 12 in 1984.) Entitled in pencil in the lower margin. Printed by David Strang on cream laid paper watermarked David Strang. Published by John Nicholson.


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Additional Information about the Print

A reprise of Tanner’s unpublished 1927 etching ‘Homealong’, also entitled ‘Wiltshire Dream’ or ‘The Dream’, of which only three impressions were taken, Tanner substituted the figure of the roadmaker, with his tools and stones, for the milk-churns left at the foot of the crossroads in the earlier plate. Moon and star were omitted from the new sky. The barn was based on that at Slaughterford and the idea of the roadmaker came from watching men breaking limestone for roads at Sheldon Corner.

The new plate was intended as the first in a series of country labours, perhaps a suggestion of Tanner’s then publisher, John Nicholson. But the series was abandoned after Tanner had completed ‘The Hedger’ and ‘The Woodman’.


The introductory text to the Samuel Palmer Legacy exhibition includes further information about Robin Tanner.