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William Holman Hunt O.M.   
London 1827 - 1910 London

Co-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Holman Hunt was alone in remaining true to the society’s principles throughout his career.

From 1854 he made a number of journeys to Egypt and Palestine to paint Biblical scenes ‘in situ’, with minute precision and accuracy to local detail.

Hunt had taken up etching about 1850, perhaps specifically for inclusion in The Germ. Thoughts towards Nature in Poetry, Literature, Art, the Pre-Raphaelite’s journal started in January 1851 to promote the Brotherhood’s ideas. Edited by Rossetti, the Germ only ran to four monthly issues, each of which had an etched frontispiece.

Like a few of his fellow Brothers, Hunt also joined The Etching Club. He only etched a total of five plates, four being issued in Etching Club publications.

The Desolation of Egypt | William Holman Hunt | Etching | Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

The Desolation of Egypt
Hartnoll 15
49 x 105 mm

Original etching, c1854-57. The plate lettered with the artist's name and the plate number (21). As issued in Etchings for the Art Union of London by The Etching Club, 1857. Edition of 500. On laid india paper. Trimmed in the margins. A little rubbed and other small defects in the margins.


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Additional Information about the Print

Hunt probably began the plate on which both the ‘Abundance’ and ‘Desolation’ were etched in Egypt in 1854, when he was working on his painting ‘Afterglow in Egypt’. For publication by the Etching Club in their Etchings for the Art-Union of London volume the plate was cut into two and each image given separate consecutive plate numbers.