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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee's Studio, North Aston

A graduate in the history of Fine Art, with art school training in the practice of printmaking, Elizabeth Harvey-Lee is an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.
She is a regular exhibitor at the annual London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy each Spring.

The business was established in 1986 and for over twenty-five years has specialised in the sale of artists’ original etchings & engravings (woodcuts, lithographs, etc) from the late Middle Ages to today, by both major, and interesting minor, European and British artists.

In earlier days the stock concentrated exclusively on artists’ prints from the period c1490-c1940 but in more recent years has widened its remit to include works by a small number of more recent printmakers.

Previously, for a period of fourteen years, Elizabeth ran, from its inception, the Print Department at Phillips Auctioneers in London. In 1993 she and her husband relocated to north Oxfordshire, conveniently situated at the very heart of England.

Aside from the website, two fully-illustrated new stock catalogues are issued each year to subscribers. For details please lick on Catalogues on the navigation bar above.

Monthly-changing small selections of Old Masters; Modern British; and Modern Continental Prints; Prints by Women; and Prints under £250, are showcased from general stock. Previous selections are archived. Please see Monthly Selections.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee's Studio, North Aston
A Corner of the Gallery

A full list of back Catalogues details their contents. On-line indexes to the past catalogues give an indication of the artists whose work is handled regularly and by whom Elizabeth is also interested in acquiring further examples. This section also includes several on-going e-catalogues raisonnés of the graphic work of individual printmakers.

New Web Exhibitions will be presented intermittently. Previous exhibitions will be archived; some items may be still available, or duplicates have been acquired subsequently.

The various Techniques and processes of printmaking are described together with a historical survey of their development.

I hope you will enjoy an exploratory wander through the website. It is updated regularly.

The website is primarily intended as a means of making contact. It gives only an indication of the variety of the stock. Please email or ring to discuss what else might be currently available, and to enquire about purchasing prints.

About my logo

Elizabeth Harvey-LeeEarly 17th century "pot" watermark

The logo is based on a Dutch 17th century ‘Pot’ watermark, with my initials replacing those of the paper maker.

The illustration on the right shows a typical watermark from the period, similar to the one that inspired my logo.



Terms & Conditions
Please view my Terms & Conditions relating to the purchase of prints from this website.


About the illustrations
in the website header

It may be something of an anomaly, on a website essentially concerned with artists’ original printmaking, to choose as the only two permanent illustrations examples which strictly speaking one would not perhaps classify as artist’s original prints.

However, they are wonderful complementary images (and printmaking is above all about the power of the image) and apposite, showing the making of a print or more specifically the printing of an impression from an etched copper plate, and a print lover’s ardent search for the end product, an image to add to his collection.

Frederick Goulding examining a proof with Martin Hardie

Frederick Goulding, Master Printer to the Society of Painter-Etchers from 1890, examining a proof with Martin Hardie, amateur etcher and assistant Keeper of Prints at the Victoria & Albert Museum. A photogravure by Emery Walker, c1907.

Honoré Daumier’s A Print Enthusiast

Honoré Daumier’s A Print Enthusiast. Colour wood-engraving by Alfred Prunaire, who exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon from 1867. Engraved after Daumier’s painting of 1860.

A further selection of interesting images of printmakers at work, and especially of the process of intaglio printing, are to be found in the Techniques section of the website.