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I produce two fully illustrated large quarto paperback new stock catalogues each calendar year, which are available by subscription. Currently £20 a year for U.K. addresses, £28 for foreign addresses (US$40 / €40).

Individual back copies of catalogues still available may be ordered separately, they are priced individually on the relevant dedicated page..

As well as an individual record of currently available stock, they form collectively a useful ‘library’ of thousands of printed images, many not readily found elsewhere. The majority of the catalogues have a theme and provide a selective overview of printmaking on this theme from the 15th to the 21st centuries.

Though I aim overall to be objective, the stock is determined by my selection and eye and is necessarily the result of a single dealer’s vision, enthusiasm and understanding.

A selection from the latest catalogue is included in the Selections section of the website. It is archived when a new selection is added.

Please click on an individual title for more information and for an index of the artists included. Catalogues are listed in order of publication, with the most recent at the base of the list.

Supplementary Catalogues

Other publications

Addressing the Millennium

    An Address Book with 108 pages, illustrated with 50 images celebrating 500 years of artists (A-Z) and their printmaking.
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Graphic Alchemy Graphic Alchemy
Published Winter 2010
52 pages, 131 items, 142 illustrations, with 10 in colour.


Mistresses of the Graphic Arts

Published 1995
124 pages. 361 prints described & illustrated.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Mistresses of the Graphic Arts
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Half a Millennium of Artists' Impressions


Half a Millennium of Artists' Impressions
Published 2000.
288 pages, 547 items described & illustrated.


The Seductive Art
Published 2001. 384 pages. Entries for 350 artists, 783 items described, 830 illustrations.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: The Seductive Art
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: The Power of the Press

The Power of the Press
Published 2003
56 pages, 141 items described &


Published 2009
80 pages, 183 items described, with 161 illustrations.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Resonances
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Great City Prints

Great City Prints
Published 2003
96 pages, 257 prints described &

Cats and
Other Creatures

Published 2008
72 pages,
183 prints described
& illustrated.

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Cats and Other Creatures
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Paper Touched with Magic


Paper Touched
with Magic
Published 2001.
56 pages, 103 items described & illustrated.

Water, Light & Air
Published 2007
64 pages, 199 items described & illustrated.
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogue, Water, Light and Air
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogues: Every Picture Tells a Story Every Picture
tells a Story
Published 2013.
56 pages,
103 items described & illustrated.
The Great War

Published 2014
108 pages,
156 illustrations,
26 in colour,
99 items described.
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Catalogue, 1914-1918, The Great War

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