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Friends & Relatives, Elizabeth Harvey-LeePrints by and of related artists

The art world in general and the world of prints in particular is small and it is therefore perhaps natural that many of its practitioners should be connected. However, quite a remarkable number of printmakers are not just related through friendship and artistic aims but are full blood relations or related by marriage. This catalogue manifests some of these relationships. Wherever possible an example of a print by each of the related artists is included.

It is a reflection of changing systems of art education that the earlier related masters, apprenticed in either the family, friend’s or colleague’s workshop should show greater stylistic affinities than the late 19th century and early 20th century artists, trained independently at different art schools; though stylistic analogies do occur among friends attending the same schools. Commensurately the modern period produces a higher incidence of printmaking brothers-in-law married to non-artistic sisters, and conversely husbands and wives who are both practising printmakers. It is noticeable in the earlier periods that women printmakers are exclusively the sisters, daughters or nieces of male printmakers, simply following a family tradition. It was only towards the end of the 19th century, with the establishment of art school education, that growing numbers of women independently took up printmaking activities.

For a wider scope, portraits of friends and members of artists’ families are also included, and on the assumption that artists who draw each other must be friends? a number of portraits of artists. Where the artist portrayed is also a printmaker, an example of his or her graphic work is usually offered. Similarly, there is a small group of proofs dedicated to artist friends together with prints by the friends in question.

The catalogue includes from the 16th & 17th century in the Low Countries examples by such artistic dynasties as the Collaerts and Sadelers; as well as de Bruyn, father and son; the Wierix brothers; Goltzius and his step-son Matham; the van de Passes father and daughter. An impressive large scale woodcut by Christoffel Jegher of Ruben’s Love Garden, made in close collaboration with the artist, shows portraits of Rubens and his wife Hélène Fourmont. This print is now extremely rare outside of museum collections. There are etchings by Rembrandt and his close friend with whom in his young days he shared a studio, Jan Lievens; also a portrait of Lievens  drawn by van Dyck for the Iconographia, etched by Vorsterman. Geertruyd Roughman, sister of Rembrandt’s friend Rolandt Roghman and niece of Roelant Savery, is represented. Though Italy provides fewer related printmakers they include such notable examples as the Ghisis, Giorgio and Adamo and Adamo’s sister Diana; the Carracci brothers, Agostino and Annibile and their cousin Lodovico; the Tiepoli, father and sons; Canaletto and his nephew Bellotto.

Friends & Relatives, Elizabeth Harvey-LeeAn interesting group of prints from the Etching Revival reflects the relationships of James McNeill Whistler. An etching by his brother-in-law Seymour Haden was made in the company of the French Barbizon artist Daubigny. An etching by Whistler shows the children of his friend and follower Mortimer Menpes; a drypoint by Menpes portrays Whistler; an etching by fellow American Joseph Pennell, also a close friend and follower, shows Whistler’s principal London home, the White House in Tite Street, Chelsea, built for him by the architect E.W. Godwin, whose widow Whistler would marry. There are portraits of Pennell by Whistler himself , by his American student Levon West (to whom Pennell gave the etching tools he had inherited from Whistler) and by the Czech artist of the Austrian School, Emil Orlik. Orlik was a superb portraitist, as is seen in his portraits of the etcher and sculptor Max Klinger and the painter Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth.

In Paris, Berthe Morisot was married to Manet’s brother; Camille Pissarro fathered Lucien and Rodo and was the grandfather of Orovida, daughter of Lucien, printmakers all. Utrillo was the son of Suzanne Valadon. The catalogue includes a magnificent rare early proof of one of Valadon’s drypoints.

The early 20th century in Britain was particularly rich in inter-relationships. Muirhead Bone and Francis Dodd were brothers-on-law, as were Edmund Blampied and Saloman van Abbé. Sir D. Y. Cameron and Katherine Cameron were brother and sister; Paul and John Nash, brothers; Edward Julius and Charles Detmold, twins. William Strang was the father of brothers David and Ian; William Rothenstein was the brother of Albert Rutherston and father of artist Michael and Tate Gallery director Sir John. A tender etching by William Rothenstein shows his wife Alice dandling the infant future Sir John on her knee. John Copley was married to Ethel Gabain; Eric Lumsden to Mabel Royds; William Giles to Ada Schrimpton; Minna Bolingbroke to Charles J. Watson. A. S. Hartrick married Lily Blatherwick, the daughter of his mother’s second husband.

A dealer’s catalogue is necessarily restricted by the availability of stock. Readers may enjoy the ‘relative’ challenge of supplying omissions.

Published 1991
44 pages. 124 items described and illustrated in b/w  

(UK Price: £7, International orders: £10)

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Abbé S. van
  • Archduke Albert of Austria
  • Archd. Isabella of Austria
  • Austin R.S.
  • Austin F.G.
  • Bahr H.
  • Beckmann M.
  • Beckmann-Tube M.
  • Bentley A.
  • Blampied E.
  • Blatherwick L. (Mrs A.S. Hartrick )
  • Bolingbroke M. (Mrs C.J. Watson )
  • Bone M.
  • Bruyn A. de
  • Bruyn N. de
  • Cameron D.Y.
  • Cameron K.
  • Canaletto A.
  • Carracci A.
  • Carrière E.
  • Carrière Mlle M.
  • Collaert A.
  • Collaert H.
  • Copley J.
  • Cotman J.S.
  • Cotman M.E.
  • Dance G.
  • Daniell W.
  • Delâtre E.
  • Desboutins M.
  • Detmold C.
  • Detmold E.J.
  • Dodd F.
  • Dyck A. van
  • Gabain E. (Mrs J. Copley )
  • Giles W.
  • Girtin T.
  • Goltzius H.
  • Griggs F.L.
  • Haden F.S.
  • Hardie M.
  • Hardy T.
  • Huygens C.
  • Israels J.
  • Israels Mme A.
  • Jacques C.
  • Jegher C.
  • Kainz J.
  • Kalckreuth L. von
  • Kasimir L.
  • Kasimir-Hoernes T. (Mrs L. Kasimir )
  • Lievens J.
  • Lumsden E.S.
  • Manet E.
  • Mme Manet
  • Mlle J. Manet
  • Matham J.
  • Menpes M.
  • Millet J.F.
  • Morisot B.
  • Nash J.
  • Nash P.
  • Nicolson J.
  • Orlik E.
  • Orovida
  • Osborne M.
  • Passe C. van de
  • Passe M. van de
  • Pennell J.
  • Pissarro C.
  • Pissarro L.
  • Pissaro O.
  • Pontius P.
  • Pott C.M.
  • Rembrandt
  • Roghman G.
  • Rothenstein W.
  • Rothenstein J.
  • Royds M.A. (Mrs E.S. Lumsden )
  • Rubens P.P.
  • Sadeler A.
  • Sadeler J.
  • Sadeler R.
  • Saenredam J.
  • Schmutzer F.
  • Short F.
  • Shrimpton A. (Mrs W.Giles )
  • Smart D.I.
  • Sparks N.
  • Strang I.
  • Strang W.
  • Utrillo M.
  • Valadon S. (Mme A. Utter)
  • Vorsterman L.
  • Watson C.J.
  • West L.
  • Whistler J.M.
  • Wierix A.
  • Wierix J.

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