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The title of this catalogue was prompted initially by the thirty-eight prints (over a third of the entire catalogue) from a single, private, ‘francophile’ collection, formed some forty years ago, showing a predilection for topography.

The rest of the catalogue includes other complementary items with a French connection selected from recent acquisitions or from current stock.

It comprises prints either by French artists or British artists working in France, or visiting France to find motifs, trained in Paris or influenced by the French; as my husband quipped - a sort of ‘empreinte ‘ cordiale.

R.P. Bonington. Tour de Gros Horloge, Evreux. Original lithograph, 1824

R.P. Bonington: Tour de Gros Horloge, Evreux. Original lithograph, 1824.

Maurice Utrillo. Le Cabaret du Lapin Agile, Montmartre

Maurice Utrillo: Le Cabaret du Lapin Agile, Montmartre.
Original lithograph, 1927.

From the album La Légende et la Vie d’Utrillo.

They mirror the development of French printmaking from 17th century engraved portraits through early lithography, especially in the prints made by Eugène Isabey and Richard Parkes Bonington for Baron Isador Taylor’s Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques dans l’Ancien France, to the later 19th century Etching Revival and beyond, in affordable works by good artists, though perhaps less well-known to a British audience today, such as Maxime Lalanne, Bracquemond and Jongkind, as well as by more ‘famous’ names such as Whistler, Manet, Degas and Utrillo.

The remainder of the catalogue is the usual Winter mix of a little bit of everything, from Rembrandt to works made this year.

Even here French connections revealed themselves occasionally, as for instance in the William Rothenstein lithograph of William Butler Yeats; in that Yeats died in France, as well as Rothenstein spending four years in Paris from 1889.

William Rotherstein. Portrait of W. B. Yeats. Original lithograoph, 1898.

William Rothenstein. On his return to London an initial commission from John Lane sparked a series of lithographic portraits, including Rothenstein’s Liber Juniorum. The album of six lithographs was published in 1898, probably in an edition of only 50 and comprised portraits from the new generation of emerging young poets and authors, Beardsley, Beerbohm, Binyon, Housman, Stephen Phillips and Yeats.
Harvey-LeePortrait of W. B. YEATS Original lithograph, 1898. One of the six subjects of Rothenstein’s Liber Juniorum.

Aged seventeen and after a year at the Slade, Rothenstein attended the Académie Julian in Paris, and came into influential contact with Degas, Fantin Latour, Toulouse-Lautrec and Whistler.

The catalogue also includes an interesting group of wood engravings by Paul Nash, Joan Hassall and Monica Poole.

Published December 2015
Quarto paperback; 48 pages; 98 illustrations (20 in colour)

(Price U.K. £12; International orders £18)

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The French Connection, Winter Catalogue from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, 2015

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Beurdeley J
  • Blaker M
  • Bonington R P
  • Bossert O R
  • Boys T S
  • Bracquemond F
  • Butler G E
  • Cameron D Y
  • Clarke J
  • Clarke J M
  • Cort C
  • Cowern R T (D)
  • Crome J
  • Degas E
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Drevet P
  • Dujardin C
  • Earthrowl EG
  • Edilinck G
  • Fitton H
  • Graham G
  • Hassall J
  • Hollar W
  • Holloway E
  • Homan R
  • Isabey E
  • Jongkind J B
  • Jouvenet J
  • Lalanne M
  • Lawson F
  • Lepère A
  • Madsen J C
  • Manet E
  • Marquet A
  • Menpes M
  • Meryon C
  • Nash P
  • Poole M
  • Pourbus F
  • Prout S
  • Rembrandt
  • Rigaud H
  • Rothenstein W
  • Rushbury H
  • Strang I
  • Tanner R
  • Trouvain A
  • Utrillo M
  • Vos M de
  • Webb J
  • Whistler J M

The French Connection, Winter Catalogue from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, 2015

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