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300 + 100 + more

The numbers in the somewhat enigmatic title of the catalogue do not refer to the quantity of prints offered, but rather to the three ‘themes’ on which there is a focus.

2020 is both the 300th anniversary year of the birth of Piranesi and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Wood Engraving (and incidentally but with reference to a single print only, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven).

‘More’ represents the balance – the usual mix of old master prints, plus 19th & 20th century British and Continental etchings.

Wood engravings probably predominate in the final section of the catalogue, but as I often only include a few items printed from wooden matrices, I have broadened the specific ‘wood engraving’ focus to include relief prints in general, from the 16th century onwards, as a celebration of Wood. In this context I have taken the opportunity to include ‘old’ stock, sometimes at very advantageous prices.

REMBRANDT VAN RIJN, Leiden 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam. The Artist’s Mother. Original etching, 1628.

Leiden 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam

The Artist’s Mother
43 x 57 mm. Original etching, 1628.
Second state, the plate cut to show the head only.
The impression trimmed to balance the resulting composition.

GIOVANNI BATTISTA PIRANESI, Mozzano di Mestre, Venice 1720 – 1778 Rome. Della Magnificenza e d’Architettura de’Romani. Original etching, 1761.

Mozzano di Mestre, Venice 1720 – 1778 Rome

First title page to Della Magnificenza e d’Architettura de’Romani
448 x 288 mm. Original etching, 1761.
One of ten different title pages to various of Piranesi’s etching series

OTTO LANGE, Dresden 1879 – 1944 Dresden. Dame in Grün (Lady in Green). Original colour woodcut, 1916.

Dresden 1879 – 1944 Dresden

Lange was apprenticed to a painter-decorator before attending art school in Dresden. An Expressionist (Dresden had an association with Expressionism, going back to Die Brücke, 1905-1913). Lange was a founder member of the avant garde Dresden Sezession in 1919.

Dame in Grünehl Lady in Green
357 x 243 mm. Original colour woodcut, 1916.
Signed in pencil. As issued in the portfolio Die Schaffenden 1919.
With the Die Schaffenden blind stamp. Edition of 125.
On simile japan. One or two small defects in the margins.

JOHN BUCKLAND WRIGHT, Dunedin, New Zealand 1897 – 1954 London. Blitz Dawn. Original wood engraving, 1941.

Dunedin, New Zealand 1897 – 1954 London

A scene after a bombing raid on London. Buckland Wright had joined the Home Guard in the year he engraved this subject. The YMCA had commissioned the block, and an edition of 200 was made to be sold at the exhibition to raise money for the War Service Fund. An impression was exhibited at the Leicester Galleries in the YMCA War Artists exhibition.

Blitz Dawn
174 x 244 mm Original wood engraving, 1941.
Signed in pencil and dated, entitled and annotated artists proof.
One of 5 artist’s proofs (another is in the Imperial War Museum).

PAUL OSCAR DROEGE, Hamburg 1898 – 1983 Hamburg. Birches in a Storm. 397 x 240 mm. Original colour woodcut.

Hamburg 1898 – 1983 Hamburg

After War service Droege studied at the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony and at the Academy in Düsseldorf but it was an encounter with Leopold, Graf von Kalckreuth which inspired him to take up colour woodcut. Droege travelled by bicycle and paddleboat through Germany, France & Scandinavia to find subjects.

Birches in a Storm
397 x 240 mm. Original colour woodcut. Signed in pencil.
On thin laid paper, rubbed on verso not affecting recto.

Published December 2020.
Quarto paperback; 100 pages, 231 items offered for sale, all illustrated
(Price U. K. £20; Overseas £25)

Prints available
Prints from this catalogue are still available.

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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Winter Catalogue 2020, 300+100+more.

Front cover, showing detail of Dame in Grün (Lady in Green) by Otto Lange - see left column.

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Adshead A E
  • Alleyne M C
  • Altdorfer A
  • Bacon F
  • Baker J
  • Ball R
  • Banks H
  • Bateman J
  • Becker A
  • Bellotto B
  • Belot G
  • Benenson L C
  • Bewick T
  • Blampied E
  • Bloemaert A & F
  • Boode P
  • Boulton R
  • Brangwyn F
  • Brett S
  • Brocas M
  • Brockway H
  • Brouet A
  • Brown W McCallum
  • Buckels A
  • Burgkmair H
  • Butler G E
  • Cameron D Y
  • Cass-Beggs Chadell J
  • Cheverton M
  • Claude
  • Cooper S
  • Cope C W
  • Coussens A
  • Craig E G
  • Cranach L
  • Creswick T
  • Dallas A C
  • Delleany G
  • Drew D
  • Droege O
  • Eckener A
  • Evans H P
  • Exley J R G
  • Farleigh J
  • Fitton H
  • Forster P
  • Freeman A W
  • Frood H
  • Galloway P
  • Garrett A C
  • Gentleman D
  • Gibbings R
  • Gill E
  • Glanville H M T
  • Goodfellow R F
  • Goya F
  • Greenwood J F
  • Griffith R G
  • Haden F S
  • Hannas M A
  • Hassall J
  • Hay J H
  • Herkomer H von
  • Holzhausen W
  • Hughes-Stanton B
  • Huhnen F
  • Jegher C
  • Johnston P E
  • Jones D
  • Kempkes H
  • Klemm W
  • Klooster J F E ten
  • Kuhlen M
  • Laage W
  • Lambert E
  • Lange O
  • Lawrence J
  • Le Breton C
  • Leighton C
  • Lepère A
  • Lindley K
  • Lindsay L
  • Malet G
  • Mathews M
  • Meyer H
  • Moore T Sturge
  • Morley J
  • Myall D
  • Negker J de
  • Nicholson B E
  • Niekerk S van
  • O’Connor J
  • Palmer S
  • Papillon J M
  • Parmigianino
  • Parrish S
  • Payne E R
  • Paynter H
  • Phillips H
  • Piranesi G B
  • Pissarro L
  • Plenderleith D
  • Poole M
  • Pott C
  • Ramsay J
  • Rawlinson W T
  • Rembrandt
  • Renton M
  • Rice B
  • Ricketts C
  • Robinson J C
  • Rubens P P
  • Rudge M M
  • Sartorius K
  • Schäufelein H L
  • Scott W
  • Sealy C
  • See-Paynton C
  • Shannon C
  • Skargon Y
  • Sleigh B
  • Smith R
  • Shirley Stephens I
  • Stevens H P
  • Stockhausen E M H
  • Stone H M
  • Stone R
  • Taylor C W
  • Tiepolo G B
  • Tournour M
  • Turberville M G
  • Tute G
  • Underwood L
  • Unidentified
  • Watanabe M
  • Waterloo A
  • Watson C J
  • Whittington F H
  • Whydale E H
  • Wright F W
  • Wright J B
  • Young S
  • Zanetti A M

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Winter Catalogue 2020, 300+100+more.

Back cover, showing

London 1875 – 1965 Redisham, Beccles

The Park
156 x 193 mm
Original etching with copper plate, 1922.
The etching signed in pencil, dated and entitled

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