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Pleasure, like beauty, is very much an individual response. I hope this selection of prints by Old Masters, modern Continental and Modern British artists will contain images that please.

As a dealer, one of my pleasures is discovering ‘new’ prints: images, subjects and artists that I have not previously handled. This catalogue contains quite a few.

Putting a catalogue together, researching the artists and themes, putting complementary images together on the page, are further pleasures.

Incidentally, conversely, in an age when we are increasingly encouraged to go ‘paperless’, one might consider the pleasures of paper itself; such a wonderful, useful and varied material, and intimately connected for centuries with all the arts, through the printed word, musical scores (lithography was initially invented to reproduce manuscript music) as well as for painters’ and printmakers’ printed images.

Count HENDRIK GOUDT, The Haghe c1582 – 1648 Utrecht. The Flight in Egypt. Engraving and etching, 1613, after Elsheimer.

The Haghe c1582 – 1648 Utrecht

Goudt went to Rome about 1604, where he lodged with the German painter Adam Elsheimer (1578-1610). He acquired several of Elsheimer’s paintings and each of his seven engravings (his entire oeuvre) reproduce Elsheimer compositions in reverse. Because of their rich tonality they were called ‘black prints’ and were both keenly collected and artistically influential. Two plates were engraved in Rome and five after his return to the Netherlands in 1611, when he settled in Utrecht. Five are night scenes.

Goudt engraved calligraphic inscriptions in the lower margins of his plates, though later collectors often trimmed these away.

The Flight in Egypt
Hollstein 3, only state Elizabeth Harvey-Lee293 x 399 mm
Engraving and etching, 1613, after Elsheimer.
A very good impression, trimmed to the image.
Unobtrusive traces of old fold lines, mainly noticeable verso.

Goudt’s largest and most ambitious engraving, almost exactly the same size as the original painting, is his masterpiece. Elsheimer’s Flight into Egypt, painted on copper c1609, was ground-breaking in being depicted as a night scene. It is now in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

HONORE DAUMIER, Marseilles 1808 – 1879 Valmondois. La Visite à l’Atelier. Original lithograph, 1857.

Marseilles 1808 – 1879 Valmondois

Between 1833 and 1875 Daumier contributed over 3,900 lithographs to the daily newspaper, Le Charivari, in which page 3 was always an original lithographic or wood engraved image. Lithographic stones were delivered weekly to Daumier. He usually numbered the stones for reference but not consistently and at a later date, after publication, the images and titles on the stones were erased and the stones cleaned for re-use. Having got into trouble for his early political cartoons, in later years Daumier focussed his satires on social commentary – the Comédie humaine.

La Visite à l’Atelier-
- Quel coloris ! – Quel dessin ! – C’est du Van Dyke ! – C’est du Rubens ! –
C’est merveilleux ! – C’est épatan ! …
(L’Artiste se félicite d’avoir consulté des personnes ayant autant de gout, et huit jours après son tableau est refuse par le jury d’admission.)
After receiving such praise, with comparison to Rubens and van Dyke,
the artist’s painting was refused by the Salon a week later.
Delteil 2953 ii/ii Elizabeth Harvey-Lee 195 x 255 mm (image)
No.37 in the series Croquis Parisiens
Original lithograph, 1857.
Signed with initials in the stone.

Second state, with letters and plate number, for publication in Le Charivari (May 22 1857) but an impression issued separately sur blanc. (Passeron suggests that only about 50 impressions were printed for separate issue.) On wove. (Those in Charivari were printed on thin newsprint, with text on the reverse of the sheet).

Ex collection André Bloc (Lugt 68a), whose important collection of over 2000 Daumier lithographs was sold on his death in 1947.

CLARENCE E BLACKBURN, Stoke on Trent 1914 – 1984 Hampton Wick. Lincoln Cathedral, Original etching, signed in pencil and entitled.

Stoke on Trent 1914 – 1984 Hampton Wick

A designer, draughtsman, painter, etcher and commercial artist, Blackburn only took up painting and etching professionally in 1943, studying at Burslem College of Art, having previously been apprenticed to Ashworth & Brothers, Stoke on Trent, earthenware and china producers. From 1944-1959 Blackburn ran a small pottery. He exhibited at the R.A. and at the R.E.; boats, water, commercial dock activity and architecture were recurring themes.

Lincoln Cathedral
233 x 346 mm
Original etching, signed in pencil and entitled.
Printed in dark brown ink on cream wove paper watermarked A Milbourne & Co. Together with the etched copper plate.

GERTRUDE HERMES, Bickley, Kent 1901 – 1983 London. Aaron’s Rod. Original wood engraving, 1934.

Bickley, Kent 1901 – 1983 London

A sculptor and wood engraver, Hermes was focussed on monochrome wood engraving between 1924 and 1939. After a year at Beckenham Art School she had enrolled in 1922 at Leon Underwood’s Brook Green School of Art, where there was a strong interest in wood engraving. Her fellow students included Eileen Agar, Henry Moore and Blair Hughes-Stanton, to whom she would be married for some years. With Underwood, Agar and Hughes-Stanton she founded the English Wood Engraving Society; on its demise in 1932 she became a member of the S.W.E.

From 1933 she embarked on a series of large wood engravings, the culmination of her achievement in the medium, with structure and themes of one form within another. .

Aaron’s Rod
Russell 84
60 x 157 mm
Original wood engraving, 1934.
Signed in pencil, dated, entitled and numbered 21/30.
On cream simile japan with a repeated watermark of a rose
and the words British Emblem.
Cockled in the sheet margins.

The Biblical story of Aaron’s Rod, referencing empowerment, is in Numbers XVII, 1-8 , but the wood engraving may also allude to D H Lawrence’s 1922 novel of the same title.

An impression was exhibited at the S.W.E. in 1934. A related sculpture in beechwood was exhibited the same year with the London Group.

Published December 2022.
Quarto paperback; 80 pages, 197 illustrations.
Details of 186 items for sale.
(Price U. K. £23; Europe £25; Rest of the World £30)

Prints available
Prints from this catalogue are still available.

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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Winter Catalogue 2022, Paper Pleasures

The front cover of the catalogue shows an enlarged detail of The horned Hare, Fox, Mole and Beaver, a reverse copy of one of Adriaen Collaert’s Animalium Quadruperum.

Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Achener M
  • Albani F
  • Angeren A P D van
  • Appian A
  • Auerbach A
  • Austen W
  • Badmin S R
  • Ball R
  • Barlow F
  • Blackburn C E
  • Blaker M
  • Boccaccio G
  • Boldizár I
  • Brightwell L R
  • Brunsdon R G
  • Bygrave C
  • Callot J
  • Calvert E
  • Chavalon R L
  • Ciamberlano L
  • Clarke H H
  • Clarke J
  • Claude
  • Claussin I J de
  • Collaert A
  • Collignon F
  • Constable J
  • Conway L R
  • Daumier H
  • Della Bella S
  • Dente M da Ravenna
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Derkson A P van Angeren
  • Dowd J H
  • Drewitt F G D
  • Earlom R
  • Eyre B
  • Edwards E
  • Elsheimer A
  • Eyck J van
  • Fantin Latour H
  • Foster A B
  • Frison J
  • Gautier A
  • Gavarni P
  • Goeneutte N
  • Goudt H
  • Greaves W
  • Green R H
  • Gwynne-Jones A
  • Halm P
  • Halpern F
  • Hardie M
  • Harding F
  • Hermes G
  • Hogarth W
  • Holand K
  • Hollar W
  • Holroyd C
  • Jacquemart J
  • Jamnitzer C
  • Jossett L
  • Judd A
  • Kaulbach F A von
  • Lorrain C
  • Lucas D
  • Mackbeth-Raeburn H
  • Mackenzie T B
  • Marshall J E
  • Menpes M
  • Mori
  • Morris M
  • Munnings A
  • Murer E
  • Nash P
  • Nele E R
  • Nichols C M
  • Overbeck F
  • Pears C
  • Petley-Jones L
  • Pimlott E P
  • Place F
  • Poortenaar J
  • Raimondi
  • Raphael
  • Rawlinson W T
  • Reiss F W
  • Reiss G F
  • Rembrandt
  • Robertson S
  • Robins W P
  • Scullard S
  • Short F
  • Sowerby B H
  • Spackman C S
  • Staling H J
  • Stauffer-Bern K
  • Swain N
  • Vico E
  • Villamena F
  • Veisscher C
  • Visscher N
  • Vlaminck M
  • Walker B E
  • Watson C J
  • Wigg C M
  • Wilkinson N
  • Wolf F X
  • Wolff H
  • Wolfsfeld E

Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, Winter Catalogue 2022, Paper Pleasures

Back cover, showing JULES JACQUEMART: Study of Flowers in a maiolica vase.

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