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Imagination, Catalogue 52 from Elizabeth Harvey-Lee | Print DealerA Selection of Images
by, and in some instances, of

One tends to think of images as portraying reality, whereas the word imaginary suggests something made up and therefore not real.
This connundrum is resolved when a printmaker (or artist in any medium) makes a work of art.

Initially his or her imagination has to be sparked in some way by the subject, then he/she has to conceive how to create of it a convincing two-dimensional image.
In figurative art there is visual guidance from the world around as to the potential nature and form that the image might take. In abstract art the only restriction is the artist’s imagination itself.

The selection of prints in this catalogue partakes of both figurative and abstract subjects. It includes quite a number of abstracts, much more than is normally the case. Some items combine both aspects.

Arranged roughly in chronological sequence , the earlier part of the catalogue contains portraits and figure studies, including some notable portraits and self-portraits of artists and printmakers, by or of Stanley Anderson, Muirhead Bone, Marie Bracquemond, Charles Cundall, Francis Dodd, Alphonse Legros, Bernard Pankok, Edward John Poynter, Julius Schrader, James McNeil Whistler. There are also two nice portraits of cats.
Among a number of landscapes there is a good group by Seymour Haden.

The catalogue continues with a wide range of etchings by Hubert Andrew Freeth and concludes with an interesting selection from Freeth’s collection, mainly dedicated to him, by colleagues, students and other associates at the St Martin’s School of Art in London through the 1960’s and ‘70’s through to the 1980’s.

Many of these reflect the contemporary concerns with abstraction, as with deep-bite aquatint and colour-printmaking.

Also fascinating technically is a delightful ephemeral oddity, a demonstration five-block colour print dated 1970, though earlier in appearance, of the Kelvinhaugh Horse-drawn Tram Depot in Glasgow. All the stage proofs, of each block independently and with cumulatively accruing colours are included with the finished print.

Published Winter 2012
48 pages, 107 items, with 116 illustrations, 30 being in colour.

(UK Price: £12, International orders £16)

Prints still available
Prints from this catalogue are still available and in due course will be featured within the Selections section of the website.

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Artists included in the catalogue:

  • Anderson S
  • Ardizzone E
  • Austin R
  • Barker A Raine
  • Besnard A
  • Bone M
  • Bonforth L
  • Bordas D
  • Bracquemond M
  • Brangwyn F
  • Brown G
  • Burridge F
  • Camphausen W
  • Cheyne I A J
  • Clausen G
  • Copley J
  • Cotman J S
  • Cundall C
  • Custerson C
  • Dodd F
  • Drury P
  • East A
  • Edwards E
  • Erasmus
  • Figura H
  • Fountain R
  • Freeth H A
  • Gardner W
  • Goff R
  • Greaves D
  • Haden F S
  • Harris L G
  • Hashmi Z
  • Holloway E
  • Hopfer H
  • Jones L
  • Keene C
  • Kogan D
  • Komjáti J
  • Legros A 9
  • Leighton C
  • Martin A
  • Marx E
  • Masefield J
  • Massys Q
  • Montaigne M
  • Pankok B
  • Parsons J R
  • Perrier F
  • Plattenberg M van
  • Plattemontagne M
  • Poynter J
  • Quenel D
  • Raphael
  • Reynolds A
  • Ross P E
  • Smith E
  • Sturges D C
  • Schrader J
  • Schmutzer F
  • Strang W
  • Wilson B
  • Zarina

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